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TANGLA Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon) is located in Yingbin Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan, adjacent to the famous Huying country park in Dongguan. The hotel is built close to the mountain and enjoys the reputation of 'oxygen bar'! The rooms are elegantly designed and equipped with modern advanced facilities. All the rooms can overlook the beautiful scenery of Huying country park. Huying country park gathers the stones from hundreds of mountains, and has built sculpture garden, Huying Pavilion, Yunyu bridge, vitality square, Roman colonnade, lover Island, outdoor swimming pool, Happy Valley barbecue garden, children's paradise and other rich scenic spots. At the entrance of the hotel lobby, all kinds of leisure bicycles have been prepared for the residents, so that they can start the journey of the greenway full of negative ions at any time. The Huying country park along the greenway allows you to abandon the urban noise and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the garden. It has complete catering facilities and fresh ingredients from all over the world every day to ensure that every guest can enjoy delicious food. The hotel has a Brazilian restaurant headed by a famous Brazilian chef, inviting you to the authentic Brazilian food tour; The Chinese restaurant has all kinds of Dongguan cuisine. The hotel has a number of large banquet halls, conference centers and various small conference rooms to undertake various meetings, product displays, banquets, fashion shows, family gatherings, etc; Western restaurant can hold romantic and warm candlelight dinner. The hotel boasts a large outdoor swimming pool in Dongguan, with a total area of 2600 square meters. The design of the resort style swimming pool gives you a holiday like being in Bali!
It is said that if you meet a beautiful peacock in the hotel, it is a symbol of auspiciousness. The peacock perched in tangla gives tangla a noble, beautiful and elegant atmosphere, which makes every guest feel the vision from tangla Yaxiu brand - harmony, elegance, perfection and quietness! In the back garden, the hotel has developed a green organic farm, just like Tao Yuanming's paradise, which aims to let the guests who travel in the modern city return to the embrace of nature and release the pressure in their hearts. Children's laughter is always indispensable in a happy world. The birthday party designed for children by tangla will surely leave your children with beautiful childhood memories. In addition, it is adjacent to Fengjing golf club, providing convenience for the residents who love golf. The 36 hole golf course is surrounded by mountains, combining the unique natural environment and terrain with the professional fairway design concept. Players can enjoy the lake scenery and the fun of batting between the ups and downs of the mountains.
It looks forward to your arrival, we will sincerely serve you\ t
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FAQs when booking at TANGLA Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon)
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at TANGLA Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon)?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at TANGLA Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon).

  • Does TANGLA Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon) have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does TANGLA Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon) have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does TANGLA Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon) offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does TANGLA Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon) accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does TANGLA Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon) accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at TANGLA Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon)?

    Each costs cny147 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at TANGLA Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon)?

    The room prices is from cny578, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • gisaya
    I was very happy to stay in the hotel. I took two children swimming the first day, fed fish and peacocks the next day, and took pictures with peacocks. It is very suitable for families with children for vacation. The hotel is very clean and quiet. It's good. I'll come here for vacation next time.
  • berrymac
    The environment is beautiful. It is a resort hotel. Although it has been for some years, the maintenance is still good. Zan: there is no bottle opening fee for Japanese food and Chinese food. Zan: the front desk takes the initiative to upgrade the mountain view room, which is straightforward and beautiful!
  • jat1205
    The surrounding environment of Fengjing Golf Hotel is good, which is suitable for tourism and vacation
  • wu Magpies
    Not bad
  • Adeline826
    The swimming pool is very big ~ the buffet is general, but I can see that the materials are still very good.
  • andrew4002
    Very good, very good, I think it's a good environment!
  • jp_wang_2007
    The environment is good and the restaurant is very good!
  • yuxueli99
    Quiet, suitable for vacation! Will you go again
  • wsb168
    The spa in the hotel is really great ~ after the massage, the skin is smooth and very moist. At the moment, I'm in a good mood. Of course, my stomach is hungry. I decided to go to a Japanese restaurant and have an eel meal. Based on my experience of eating so many eel meals, I can see that the eels here are done very carefully. Generally, the outside stores will use 'flattening' to make the eel bigger, The master here feels very honest to me. That's it. He won't play tricks. He's very grounded. I feel so happy here.
  • linruomu
    Beautiful hotel, large swimming pool, room facing the swimming pool and lake. In the morning, there are the pleasant sounds of birds. I didn't expect that this is a hotel only ten minutes away from the city. Super cost-effective. Come back next time.
  • SamL413
    Surprise experience
  • linling3789
    Good surrounding environment
  • tissuelee
    Because of business trip, I stayed in the hotel in the city center for the first half of the month. Looking at the high floors, road construction and traffic jam every day, I feel very depressed. It may be related to the rhythm of the city. Although the hotel is very advanced, I can't release my disgust with the busy economy and traffic. Later, my friend recommended this hotel hidden in the mountains. It is also a five-star hotel. It is only ten minutes' drive from the city center. The environment is very good and quiet. There is Huying park nearby. You can run and relax. I really regret living in the city before. Recommend to everyone!
  • serenity
    Come and see the wedding banquet venue. I stayed here for one night and enjoyed my vacation. The environment is very good. My husband plans to celebrate before marriage, invite all his brothers here, and then celebrate in the hotel bar. At the end, sleep directly in the room booked in the hotel, so there will be no risk of drunk driving. I think it's a good idea, so I don't have to worry about their safety~
  • xiagb
    The hotel lobby provides guests with all kinds of leisure bicycles, so that guests can ride on the greenway and around the mountains at any time. Very good service.
  • dxm818
    It is a good resort hotel with beautiful and pleasant environment, and the price of restaurant facilities in the hotel is slightly higher.
  • cwf08
    not bad
  • pepsi76
    Good environment, poor management
  • blossoma
  • Peter.Tian
    I've always liked this hotel, especially its garden design. It's quiet and comfortable, especially the lake view room. It's a great enjoyment to taste red wine and chat on the balcony at night. Very good. The hot spring water is clear and the air is fresh. The hotel has a good breakfast. Good hygiene. It doesn't feel as quiet as Fengjing Golf next door. The room is big enough but a little old. The waiter's service is very friendly
  • xinxin0000
    I took the children. The surrounding environment is good. There is a water city nearby. The children have a good time. It's great for the whole family on weekends.
  • neiyouawu
    It's average
  • LU1225
    Very good. The hot spring water is clear and the air is fresh. Although it is near the Spring Festival, the service is not discounted. The whole family is very happy. It's a little far from Dongguan. When I went there, I ran into the Universiade, that is, the Spring Festival. It's a little stuffy. 2.5 hours is enough
  • Colasoft
    Very satisfied. The buffet was generally good
  • Anleen
    The environment is first-class. Although the facilities are a little old, they are well maintained. The price is good. Overall, it's worth it.
  • gioiello
    The hotel facilities are a little old, the swimming pool has no swimming circle to rent, take children to live, we can't go all the way with the swimming circle, which surprised us very much. This is the first time we met in a hotel with a swimming pool!!!!!!
  • swallow1226
    I've lived here many times. I'm used to it. The hotel staff and I have become friends. This is my second home.
  • VeniceWen
    The scenery around the hotel is very good, and the hotel's own facilities are also good. It is more suitable for parents and children to travel.
  • saner_
    The facilities barely reach the 4.5-star standard, but the service gap is relatively large. Many waiters don't take the initiative to say hello to passengers. The quality of the buffet is average. I'm sorry about the price. The air conditioning is also insufficient. I'm sweating. The light is not enough. It's dark. But it's good to be able to communicate actively after putting forward opinions. Generally speaking, I still feel that I can't reach the five-star standard.
  • stdong
    not bad
  • feiyan2046
  • barda
    Not bad
  • gubingyc
    Very good. Take the elderly and children together. The spring festival food package is very affordable and worth recommending!????
  • itsme12
    The hotel service was pretty good and the facilities were fairly good, but the breakfast taste was not very good, but the morning tea was OK
  • best_ss
    Very good holiday hotel. The environment is very good and comfortable.
  • ddctll008
    It would be nice if the hotel could provide more children's facilities
  • annie_today
    I've been there a few times, but I don't feel as good as before
  • barrrr
    The environment is elegant.............
  • Jijinmin
    The boutique of the chain hotel!
  • julite
    It's quite convenient, the environment is good, the dishes are good, and the barbecue is good
  • ammwuna
    The hardware is very good and the environment is great. More suitable for vacation!
  • Jing Yang
    A very good hotel with first-class internal environment, spacious rooms and complete catering and entertainment facilities is highly recommended
  • Angela.jiang
    Quiet Location. Clean Rooms. I would recommend this to family or friends
  • arroyxwf
    All aspects of the hotel's facilities are good, but the standard of the waiters needs to be improved... The room can be delivered one hour late (about 3 o'clock) from the arrival; The water cup in the room seems to be unclean; The waiter of the restaurant asked them that they didn't know anything; The attendants of the swimming pool / gym are very passive. When you give you towels, they won't give you the key to the locker without asking them. They ask the guests to go to the dressing room and go back to the front desk to ask if they find it; I feel that many waiters are not trained enough and have not reached the level of five-star hotels. It's disappointing!
  • angelola
    Service, air, environment, all kinds of good Oh, I feel like I live in the park, and the hotel has many peacocks, beautiful
  • daseinlovely
    The air is fresh, the environment is beautiful, the swimming pool is very large, children like it, and it is convenient to eat.
  • jinj1987
    It's a very good hotel. The special environment is really good
  • GeoffreyGao
    Good hotel for relaxing and vacation. Swimming pool is big. Very good breadfast. Great services.
  • greenfairy
    Comfortable leisure
  • amy111888
    Very good, clean and comfortable, good staff quality, the overall hardware and software are better than when Sofitel, especially praised the lobby manager for his first-class service, kindness and courtesy!!
  • am8868
  • ccwang
    Originally, the hotel's swimming pool was only open to guests, not to the outside. It was good. It felt clean and comfortable. Moreover, the hotel would hang a sign next to the swimming pool, stating the temperature and cleanliness of the swimming pool on that day. I also see that there is diving science here, which can be verified. Wow, it's too tall and fashionable.
  • dongye
    OK, the environment is good
  • mucelery
    A good place for parent-child vacation, with fresh air and few people. I also saw the peacock family go out for a walk
  • Allmylove
    very good
  • benbenxun
    Dongguan tangla Yaxiu hotel has a good surrounding environment, which is suitable for tourism and vacation
  • E00128499
    The hotel is clean and tidy, the staff are polite and accompanied by peacocks. good
  • DI tone de Cafe
    The environment is very good. The family set meal, including afternoon tea, dinner and breakfast, is very valuable. There are peacocks. It's raining when I go. I swim without a good stroll.
  • librae
    Very satisfied!
  • mingfeng0316
    Not bad
  • Attendre
    Yes, the only thing not in place is that I asked the doorman for a taxi to Guangzhou; At the same time, three new cars came. He arranged two new cars for later guests to leave the city. There was an old car without air conditioning. My family of four sat in the high temperature of 35 degrees for more than an hour. When they got off at the hotel in Foshan, they were soaked. Hey, maybe I forgot to tip
  • cjsmx
    The hotel has a beautiful environment, clean and tidy rooms, complete facilities and equipment, thoughtful service and satisfaction. I'll come back next time.
  • blance
    Not up to Sofitel's standards
  • jing19770206
    It's a very good hotel. Have a good stay. Breakfast is good. Come back next time
  • acbd2000
    Yes, the kids had a good time
  • allinbu
    The guest said that it was basically very good, the hotel business was very good, and many people came to take a holiday.
  • gluttonou
    great hotel. quite, excellent service.
  • apple_860521
    Very cost-effective
  • my9527
    In Dongguan, there are few large and quiet hotels, so I love to take a vacation and relax here. The spa package is still available and the massage is well done! However, I feel that the overall service quality has begun to decline.
  • awf5400
    The Brazilian barbecue in their family is really not delicious. The most indignant thing is that they can't find the room information when checking out and can't register the room number
  • cycine
    The hotel environment is first-class and the staff are very enthusiastic. The Brazilian barbecue buffet in the hotel is great. You can also take the hotel's free bus to the bar street in the city. Thai food, Italian food, lobster food..... Many choices
  • ivyding1019
    Very satisfied. I'll come again next time
  • tell_tree
    The environment is good. It's good to be early. I'll check in next time.
  • abbylele
    Friends at home and abroad said that the water in the constant temperature swimming pool was cold. The staff of the whole hotel didn't smile. The guests indicated that they needed it, and the waiter didn't know to come to serve. He felt that it was much worse than the management of Sofitel at the same level at home and abroad.
  • njrebeccalu
    Close to Dongguan City, the hotel has a large area and a small lake landscape, which is not suitable for business travel - the hotel is too large and not convenient for immediate travel, but it is suitable for self driving or family vacation with car pick-up. There is a super large outdoor swimming pool, the water is very clear, and you can see it clearly from 20 meters under the water... The service of the hotel is fairly standard, but it is certainly not very good. It is still far behind the front desk service of Shengjie hotel.
  • bennery
    The environment is very good, the decoration service is good, the sound insulation of the room is a little poor. Generally speaking, I'm satisfied, and the cost performance is relatively high. I will consider staying in the future
    The hotel has many supporting facilities, such as squash, chess and card room, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, and a special field for guests to experience picking fresh vegetables. It's best to bring children to play!